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The summer of 2009 a seed was planted in our imagination...

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to own a restaurant together and bring to our guests the
same fresh natural foods we’ve been serving to our family and friends in our home.

~ On April 30, 2012 our dream became a reality. ~

Certain requirements had to be in place ~ top quality local produce, high quality meats
and fish, fresh picked herbs from our garden, organic eggs, sugars, and whole grain flours.

Our credo is ~ If we can make it ourselves, then let’s do it.

All our sauces, ravioli, dressings, tapenade, breads, and desserts are made daily in our kitchen.

The foundation of good Italian cooking is the freshest of ingredients prepared with simplicity, bringing together flavors so no one ingredient overpowers another. Mimmo’s Italian roots begin in his hometown of Bagheria, Sicily. The fresh fruits and vegetables picked from his family’s farm were on the table, or tavola, that night. Our logo of the lemon and lemon flower, or zagara, is a symbol of Sicily’s rich history of growing and exporting lemons, and a reminder of Mimmo’s many memories of lemon picking in his grandfather’s groves.

At Mimmo’s we strive to maintain the same high standards of our tavola at home to you, our valued guest.

Buon Appetito! Mangia e Bevi!
Mimmo and Victoria Di Salvo, Owners

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